A new camera means playing around with settings and taking plenty of test shots – hence these overly posy pictures. I want to start incorporating more fashion and personal style related posts onto my blog as they are my favourite to read/look through. I’ve been really liking these jeans recently as they are much more comfortable than tight skinny jeans and these ones have that “Mom jeans” look which I’ve been seeing a lot of. It seems a bit out of season to be wearing a faux fur coat in… View Post

  Cleanse, tone, moisturise, prime. Steps we take in a morning after waking up slightly earlier than we were ready for, and this is before we have even started to apply our daily face of make-up. As females we know the struggles of make-up on a day to day basis. I’m not sure whether we wear it it’s just because it makes us feel better about ourselves, or that we look more put together with an evened out complexion and longer eyelashes, or whether it has just become an expectation… View Post

Something that I put a lot of pressure on myself about is how I don’t really have a life plan anymore. When I was growing up I thought I had it all figured out and a plan for exactly what I wanted to be/do with my life. I wanted to move to London, do a Fashion Design degree and become a Fashion Designer. A broad goal for someone so young and I didn’t really lay down the exact steps to get there. This didn’t matter anyway because when it came… View Post

Experimenting with appearance is common among teenagers and this wasn’t any different for me. I’m not sure if it was due to being unappeased with the way I looked compared to others or the fact I found it fun to try out new things. In all honesty, it was probably both. Teenage years allow you to do crazy things like wear blue glitter under your bottom lash line, dye pink sections into your hair, or even wear the wrong colour extensions. Yep, I did all of those things. It’s all… View Post

The key to success is productivity and science says that “Willpower is the highest in the morning.” So we should start the day off strong and get the worst task out of the way during the best hour. It’s easy to get into a bored slump of negativity and start dragging our feet through each task but by starting early it means finish early too. And who doesn’t want an extra hour or two at the end of the day? Here are my tips that will help towards creating a… View Post

A plant based diet is exactly that; a diet based around plants. Or having plant foods as the basis of the diet. In fact, being plant based isn’t even a diet at all, it is a lifestyle. Do you choose to transition into being plant based you aren’t choosing to try another FAD diet you are choosing to change your lifestyle. If you have read my previous post on this topic “How to cut out sugar cravings” then you will know that a Plant Based Diet is essentially Vegan. Which… View Post

Whilst having the usual morning scroll through social media accounts, Instagram and Twitter to be more precise, it’s not uncommon to fall across one of those “How I think I look VS How I really look” pictures. They’re used so innocently to create light humour or as a way to be relatable to many girls, but no one really mentions how many misconceptions you face due to actually having a “Resting Bitch Face.” It can cause minor problems in real day to day life whether you’re walking past people on… View Post


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