A vegan diet is one that rises concerns and arguments among most meat eaters. Most of which aren’t actually concerned but just curious or want to interfere. These concerns and arguments usually include how a person cannot get the substantial about of protein from not eating animal meat, or any calcium at all from not eating dairy. Now if you have read my post “How to stop sugar cravings” then you will know how this is extremely untrue and I will link that post here for you to have a… View Post

A plant based diet is exactly that; a diet based around plants. Or having plant foods as the basis of the diet. In fact, being plant based isn’t even a diet at all, it is a lifestyle. Do you choose to transition into being plant based you aren’t choosing to try another FAD diet you are choosing to change your lifestyle. If you have read my previous post on this topic “How to cut out sugar cravings” then you will know that a Plant Based Diet is essentially Vegan. Which… View Post

Whilst having the usual morning scroll through social media accounts, Instagram and Twitter to be more precise, it’s not uncommon to fall across one of those “How I think I look VS How I really look” pictures. They’re used so innocently to create light humour or as a way to be relatable to many girls, but no one really mentions how many misconceptions you face due to actually having a “Resting Bitch Face.” It can cause minor problems in real day to day life whether you’re walking past people on… View Post

 When it comes to FAD diets the first step you are often told to take is to remove all of the temptation from your surroundings. So in other words, bin all of the crap. It’s as if the steps to become “skinny” are the same as overcoming an addiction to smoking or even alcohol. Maybe the assumption that people are addicted to refined sugar is correct; do we really know what is on our food? In today’s society we are coined to believe that “all sugar is bad” for us… View Post

Photography was something that I never expected to enjoy. I somehow fell into it at 16 when I picked it on a whim for an A-level. So during September of 2012 as I stepped through the doors into this new journey I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was in for. Well, not a great deal actually. It was a lot of experimentation that I didn’t appreciate at the time. We use photography in everyday life without even realising it. Just by getting our phones out to take a… View Post

University is always at hot topic when at College because it’s the next step that majority of people choose to take. It crops up into conversation when surrounded by a group of friends discussing the hopeful possibilities of the future. Along with this arises a certain subject; “Should I go to University single?” Close friends and family may discourage a University relationship as it often means long distance. With long distance relationships come complications or a high possibility of heartbreak which would be made harder whilst being away from home.… View Post

There is a funny feeling that comes with turning 20. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m kind of an adult now or just because the long stretch of teenage years are behind me. Growing up I thought that everyone had their lives together by the time they were 20 because to a 13 year old 20 seems so old!! I can tell you that I definitely don’t have everything figured out but after reflecting on my ‘teens’ I realised that there is a lot I’ve learnt, and I want share… View Post


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