The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. How can one begin to describe and summarise a book so in depth that the words spoke to inner places within me that I had never delved into myself? This book took me 3 months to finish because each chapter gives something to think about for a while and that’s how you know that the words are resonating with you. You dwell on them throughout parts of the day even when you’re busy. So what do the words say? As the title of… View Post

I have tried many different lentil dahl recipes as a dahl can be altered in many ways. Lentils are extremely versatile to say the least and this is such a warming and filling dish. It was the first proper recipe that I mastered since becoming vegan so I wanted to share this with you. INGREDIENTS 1 Medium Onion 200g Red Lentils 200g Tinned Tomatoes 3-4 Cups Water Curry Powder Chilli Powder Chilli Flakes Oregano Cumin Extra: Brown Rice and Choice of Vegetables for the side.   INSTRUCTIONS Soak the lentils… View Post

T-SHIRT | ANKLE BOOTS | SUNGLASSES | CHOKER   There are so many things that we are never told, and these aren’t what we find out as we get older. These are hidden secrets that only a select amount of people get to know. I’ve had so many questions over the last few months, especially since going vegan, that are yet to be answered for me or maybe never will be. Such as; Why are we manipulated and brainwashed into believing that meat and dairy is actually good for us?… View Post

Writing in essence is just a string of words held together with punctuation. Sentences are held together with guidelines that we are taught to follow within English classes as we grow up. Short sentence, long sentence, complex sentence. A mixture of complexities within themselves that can take away the inner ability to make the words flow. This is because in someone’s opinion other people can read your words better when we follow a certain structure. The raw expression that handwriting creates is not felt through words that are typed. It… View Post

Creating recipes from scratch is something that I am yet to master, however, moderation of dishes that I know I like is much more my forte. A few weeks ago after my return home from University I sat down to eat with my family to a fully vegan bean chilli that my dad had made. I couldn’t remember exactly what was included within the recipe apart from a whole load of fresh coriander to give majority of the flavour; something I wouldn’t have thought to add myself. So today with… View Post

  Paranoia, insecurities, and FOMO. Just some of the uncomfortable issues we deal with during adolescence. The worry that your friends are finding you annoying or that they would rather not invite you places with them. Which also goes hand in hand with not actually wanting to go but fearing that something significant could happen and you won’t be there. Does any of this sound familiar? So for anyone who is unsure, FOMO stands for the “fear of missing out”, and the problem with this fear is that it’s an over analysis… View Post

Something that many of us aren’t taught is that our skin is our bodies largest organ. This is a strange concept to grasp as it seems that our skin just sort of holds us all in place but doesn’t actually do anything. But actually, it does so much:   “Skin is an elastic covering. It protects you against exposure to dangerous things in the environment such as bacteria. It also repels water, minimises water loss from the body and protects underlying structures such as blood vessels, nerves and organs.” – SpinalHub… View Post


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