University is always at hot topic when at College because it’s the next step that majority of people choose to take. It crops up into conversation when surrounded by a group of friends discussing the hopeful possibilities of the future. Along with this arises a certain subject; “Should I go to University single?” Close friends and family may discourage a University relationship as it often means long distance. With long distance relationships come complications or a high possibility of heartbreak which would be made harder whilst being away from home.… View Post

There is a funny feeling that comes with turning 20. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m kind of an adult now or just because the long stretch of teenage years are behind me. Growing up I thought that everyone had their lives together by the time they were 20 because to a 13 year old 20 seems so old!! I can tell you that I definitely don’t have everything figured out but after reflecting on my ‘teens’ I realised that there is a lot I’ve learnt, and I want share… View Post

It is very easy to find out any kind of information that we need these days. Just a few clicks into our good friend Google and hey presto! But after many hours of online researching and rapid blog reading, I realised that although the subject of testing on animals might be easy to find out about, it is quite hard to find which products aren’t tested on animals, and which are vegan. This is within the UK especially. Admittedly, I might be looking in the wrong places. But with all… View Post

I have often sat for a while and thought about how I haven’t really achieved much so far in my life. I’m almost 20 now (oh wow that sounds old) and I see and hear a lot about people my age doing some really amazing things, but what about me? Comparison can be a huge downward spiral and really is “the thief of joy.” So earlier this year after watching too many ‘inspirational’ YouTube videos, and researching so much into ‘self-help’ and ‘motivational’ books, I decided to look inside myself… View Post

  As another year draws to an end and the last sunshine of 2015 begins to set, I find myself feeling sentimental over the events of the last 12 months. This was the year I started my degree and moved 3 hours away from my home, my family, my boyfriend, and the tiny town I spent the first 19 years of my life. And although it was one of the hardest challenges for me, it happened to be the biggest growing stage of my life so far. So with 2016… View Post