Creating recipes from scratch is something that I am yet to master, however, moderation of dishes that I know I like is much more my forte. A few weeks ago after my return home from University I sat down to eat with my family to a fully vegan bean chilli that my dad had made. I couldn’t remember exactly what was included within the recipe apart from a whole load of fresh coriander to give majority of the flavour; something I wouldn’t have thought to add myself. So today with… View Post

  Paranoia, insecurities, and FOMO. Just some of the uncomfortable issues we deal with during adolescence. The worry that your friends are finding you annoying or that they would rather not invite you places with them. Which also goes hand in hand with not actually wanting to go but fearing that something significant could happen and you won’t be there. Does any of this sound familiar? So for anyone who is unsure, FOMO stands for the “fear of missing out”, and the problem with this fear is that it’s an over analysis… View Post

Something that many of us aren’t taught is that our skin is our bodies largest organ. This is a strange concept to grasp as it seems that our skin just sort of holds us all in place but doesn’t actually do anything. But actually, it does so much:   “Skin is an elastic covering. It protects you against exposure to dangerous things in the environment such as bacteria. It also repels water, minimises water loss from the body and protects underlying structures such as blood vessels, nerves and organs.” – SpinalHub… View Post

We’ve all heard the quotes “Good things happen outside of the comfort zone” and “Life happens on the other side of the comfort zone” and “step outside the comfort zone.” But the truth is, it’s not that easy. We can’t just wake up one day and instantly have the comfort zone lines a million miles behind us as we walk into our future success with that Beyoncé confidence. To widen the comfort zone we have to test the waters but first we need to establish where exactly the line is… View Post

Deep down majority of us have hoarding tendencies no matter how big or small. Even after what feels like a big clear out or ‘Spring Clean’ there can still be old bits of junk hanging around because there is a memory attached to the item. Of course it’s nice to remember the memories that made us happy but is it really necessary to have unused and old things filling up shelves collecting dust, and in drawers taking up the space we need? It’s easy to sit here and list off… View Post

We can never predict when we will find our passion in life. It can feel like we spend so long searching for it by walking cloudy eyed through fields of potential options. However, there are a select few people that crawl straight out of the womb knowing what their soul purpose is meant to be. But for the rest of us, it’s not that easy. And it feels like the ones who already know their life plan must be lucky ones, but perhaps not. We want to know what we… View Post

Nowadays it is so easy to overlook the small things that hinder our confidence. Instead of trying to root them out and fix them, we cover them up. We can alter so much of our appearance without any extreme methods of surgery these days and although it’s all innocent experimentation and fun, you shouldn’t let these things define you. Make-up is magic, I hope we can all agree on that. It can hide all manner of sins like the unfortunate dark circles that have been left lingering after possibly too… View Post


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