After making the decision to become more sustainable and ethical with the choices I make, I started my research into ethical and sustainable brands within fashion. It turns out that all large retailers have a section on their website called a “corporate responsibility” as well as their Ethical Standards. And as cleanly polished as these statements are it’s easy to become “green-washed” by these words. There comes a point when we as consumers have to start asking how fast fashion can get their products so cheap? And what exactly is… View Post

  It took me a while to be happy with my Spicy Bean Burger recipe because I couldn’t originally get the spices right. In the end I realised that as long as the texture and bulk of the recipe is perfected, then spices can be continually experimental and won’t always be the same. That’s why my spice measurements aren’t exact, because they can be changed to your preference. I also don’t use any oil in these burgers or for cooking them because I prefer them baked to be extra healthy.… View Post

On my journey to finding sustainability within fashion and shopping in a ethical way, I have come across many small businesses that are working to make a positive impact on the planet. It’s important that despite how big some fashion retailers are, the smaller brands aren’t being over shadowed. A brand that stood out to me was “Be For Change,” a small company that manufactures the products from a factory within Portugal.  Be For Change make a variety of canvas tote bags made from up-cycled materials as opposed to sourcing a sustainable materials… View Post

  We are not the labels that we give ourselves or that anybody else gives to us. We are spiritual being inside the human form which makes us complex beyond belief. We cannot be described using the words from a language that is so limited in vocabulary choice. Simply labelling ourselves with these describing words is accepting a societal definition and creating a confined box to be placed into. This is so limiting and detrimental to personal growth and to all the things we are capable of achieving as we… View Post

Reading hasn’t always been enjoyable for me. When I was younger I would try and avoid it because I wasn’t interested in the books categorised within the basic and most obvious genres. I wasn’t that interested in crime, or in romance, or in those teenage girly books that seemed to be piling up on my windowsill from multiple birthday presents. A seemingly popular birthday gift for the adolescent girl. Over the past year I have found out what it is that I like to read the most and as it… View Post

The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. How can one begin to describe and summarise a book so in depth that the words spoke to inner places within me that I had never delved into myself? This book took me 3 months to finish because each chapter gives something to think about for a while and that’s how you know that the words are resonating with you. You dwell on them throughout parts of the day even when you’re busy. So what do the words say? As the title of… View Post

I have tried many different lentil dahl recipes as a dahl can be altered in many ways. Lentils are extremely versatile to say the least and this is such a warming and filling dish. It was the first proper recipe that I mastered since becoming vegan so I wanted to share this with you. INGREDIENTS 1 Medium Onion 200g Red Lentils 200g Tinned Tomatoes 3-4 Cups Water Curry Powder Chilli Powder Chilli Flakes Oregano Cumin Extra: Brown Rice and Choice of Vegetables for the side.   INSTRUCTIONS Soak the lentils… View Post


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