This year I ditched all TV programmes and spent most of my spare time scouring YouTube for new and inspiring people to watch. I noticed that I watch different people for different things and for different levels of inspirations, so below I have categorised it to make it easier for your preference. So if you’r a YouTube fan girl like me, keep reading.   Vegan YouTubers Bonnie Rebecca Emily Hunt Stella Rae Mango Island Mamma Mr & Mrs Vegan Deliciously Ella   Natural Beauty & Life YouTubers Sun Kiss… View Post

I’m seeing Christmas from a completely different angle this year due to how much I have changed over the course of 2016. It will be my first vegan Christmas and also the first year I’ve directed my life down the route of minimalism and living consciously in a sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly. So I have decided to quickly throw together a gift guide for Christmas that holds a few brands and products that sell sustainable or ethical products and most of which have a really interesting back story. So instead… View Post

I have become such a fan of vintage clothing and shopping second hand since beginning my ethical/sustainable journey. Vintage clothing is a stylish way of recycling pre-loved pieces which would unfortunately be otherwise thrown into landfill sites. Poor-boy is a vintage label that is based locally to me within Hull UK, so I’ve known about the vintage line that the brand offers for a while. However, it wasn’t until recently that I noticed they also create an upcycled line of garments made from unwanted clothing that are remastered into unique… View Post

Until recently, I had been putting a whole host of crappy chemical laden products onto my face. I had gotten used to the feeling of tight and dry skin due to always having used cheap products with cheap ingredients and never really having a skincare routine. I’m someone who has struggled with acne and spot prone skin since an age as young as 11, and only when using doctor prescribed lotions and tablets did my skin actually clear up. But as I am no longer a teenager I realised that… View Post

  Anne Foster, founder of Elkie & Ark, speaks all about her journey as an entrepreneur, the inspiration behind her brand, and advice on adopting a sustainable and less wasteful way of living. Elkie & Ark is an Australian based brand that sells organic, ethically made, and fair trade bed linen. To find out more about the brand, you can click here to visit the website or read on for the interview.   Business Name: Elkie & Ark Personal Name: Anne Foster Job Title: Founder   Please tell us a… View Post

After making the decision to become more sustainable and ethical with the choices I make, I started my research into ethical and sustainable brands within fashion. It turns out that all large retailers have a section on their website called a “corporate responsibility” as well as their Ethical Standards. And as cleanly polished as these statements are it’s easy to become “green-washed” by these words. There comes a point when we as consumers have to start asking how fast fashion can get their products so cheap? And what exactly is… View Post

  It took me a while to be happy with my Spicy Bean Burger recipe because I couldn’t originally get the spices right. In the end I realised that as long as the texture and bulk of the recipe is perfected, then spices can be continually experimental and won’t always be the same. That’s why my spice measurements aren’t exact, because they can be changed to your preference. I also don’t use any oil in these burgers or for cooking them because I prefer them baked to be extra healthy.… View Post


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