The natural deodorant hunt isn’t easy especially when you’re as paranoid about being a sweaty mess as I am. After using Sure women ultimate protection deodorant for around 2 years I felt like I would never be able to drop from such strong protection because I really feared that I would smell. However, I fell lucky with this Neal’s Yard roll on as it is the second aluminium and paraben free deodorant that I tried and I absolutely love it. If you’re new to hearing about natural deodorant and think… View Post

Welcome to Millie Melissa B 2.0 for 2017. I have decided I’m going to upgrade. Not because I don’t like the direction my blog is heading, but because I know I can do better and improve my content. In terms of the layout and blog theme that I have, I’m slightly bored of it and want to switch it up to look more sleek and professional. In terms of my photography, I want to improve the lighting and composition. And in terms of content, I’m honing in on my specific… View Post

I love reading, but honestly it takes me a while to get through books these days and I have a serious reading list for 2017 and the year hasn’t even begun yet. I thought I’d list what I will be reading this year in a blog post because I really feel like there is some true inspiration within the pile I currently have accumulating. So if, like me, you’re interested in sustainable fashion, health and veganism, and self help/inspiration books, you will like this list. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of… View Post

There are currently two days left of 2016 and I have found myself reflecting on the past 12 months with an open heart. Not everything that has happened was amazing, but personally nothing went drastically wrong. And I feel that this past year has been the year of which I have grown the most as a person. I left my teenage years and entered my twenties and realised as the days went on that I am practically an adult now and I no longer rely solely on anyone, except myself.… View Post

  This year I ditched all TV programmes and spent most of my spare time scouring YouTube for new and inspiring people to watch. I noticed that I watch different people for different things and for different levels of inspirations, so below I have categorised it to make it easier for your preference. So if you’r a YouTube fan girl like me, keep reading.   Vegan YouTubers Bonnie Rebecca Emily Hunt Stella Rae Mango Island Mamma Mr & Mrs Vegan Deliciously Ella   Natural Beauty & Life YouTubers Sun Kiss… View Post

I’m seeing Christmas from a completely different angle this year due to how much I have changed over the course of 2016. It will be my first vegan Christmas and also the first year I’ve directed my life down the route of minimalism and living consciously in a sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly. So I have decided to quickly throw together a gift guide for Christmas that holds a few brands and products that sell sustainable or ethical products and most of which have a really interesting back story. So instead… View Post

I have become such a fan of vintage clothing and shopping second hand since beginning my ethical/sustainable journey. Vintage clothing is a stylish way of recycling pre-loved pieces which would unfortunately be otherwise thrown into landfill sites. Poor-boy is a vintage label that is based locally to me within Hull UK, so I’ve known about the vintage line that the brand offers for a while. However, it wasn’t until recently that I noticed they also create an upcycled line of garments made from unwanted clothing that are remastered into unique… View Post


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