Not that long ago I embarked on my journey to minimalism and admittedly it was not intentional. I wanted to spend less money and de-clutter my space and low and behold, minimalism happened! Since then I have binge watched all the YouTube videos to help me organise my life and live more simplistically. So with becoming a minimalist at the forefront of my mind I thought I would let you know everything that I have stopped buying so far, and what I plan to ditch in the future. By Definition:… View Post

I changed my deodorant to a natural option because the thought of putting harsh chemicals in such a sensitive area made me feel really uncomfortable. This Jason deodorant was the first natural deodorant that I tried and I bought the one that says it is for “Men” because I thought it would have stronger protection. To be honest, I don’t think it does and I don’t really understand why brands have to add a gender their deodorants but I guess it’s due to the scents. However, in this case there… View Post

So for those of you that don’t know, this Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap is a multi purpose product. On the bottle the label lists options for use and these consist of shampoo, hand wash, dog shampoo, washing up liquid, laundry wash, mopping liquid, and the list goes on. I use this product as an in shower body wash which is yet another use and I have the Rose scent which smells like Turkish Delights. The Castile Soap collection comes in a multitude of scents and also sizes depending on how… View Post

Ana Carnerio, founder, director, and designer of Be For Change, speaks all about creating a business based around sustainable products and what living in a conscious way means to her. I am so grateful to be getting insight into small ethical businesses as they are growing and expanding because I find is so interesting and inspiring. If you’re reading this and feeling discontent towards where you are within your life, job, or career just remember that you have the power to change it. You can achieve anything. Business Name: Be… View Post

  Okay I will say it, long hair is overrated. I know, I know, that’s not the opinion of the majority. Long hair is some what aspirational, or at least it was to me growing up, as if everything would have been better with longer hair. “I’ll be happy when my hair is long”, “when my hair is long boys will like me” or even “when my hair is long I will have my life together.” But is any of that actually true? Better yet, does it matter? Basically, I… View Post

The natural deodorant hunt isn’t easy especially when you’re as paranoid about being a sweaty mess as I am. After using Sure women ultimate protection deodorant for around 2 years I felt like I would never be able to drop from such strong protection because I really feared that I would smell. However, I fell lucky with this Neal’s Yard roll on as it is the second aluminium and paraben free deodorant that I tried and I absolutely love it. If you’re new to hearing about natural deodorant and think… View Post

Welcome to Millie Melissa B 2.0 for 2017. I have decided I’m going to upgrade. Not because I don’t like the direction my blog is heading, but because I know I can do better and improve my content. In terms of the layout and blog theme that I have, I’m slightly bored of it and want to switch it up to look more sleek and professional. In terms of my photography, I want to improve the lighting and composition. And in terms of content, I’m honing in on my specific… View Post


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