“Our ethos at KINN is simple, we believe in a Clean Beauty regime that’s for more than just your skincare. Because if we’re looking after what we put on our skin, why shouldn’t we look after what we put in our homes too? That’s why we make certified organic skincare and eco friendly home cleaning products.” KINN – KINN Living is an all natural brand that creates beauty and cleaning products without harmful ingredients. The brand is perfectly aligned with my views and the ethos of my blog. The brand was launched… View Post

I don’t really like the word ‘Supplement’ because I feel like it implies these things can’t be received through food. When really, most of these things can be consumed (except from vitamin D3 which comes from the sun.) However, I do like to take them. Over the last few months my collection has grown, and I don’t take all of these everyday but I do like to take them regularly. There is so much information available about supplements and why to take what etc etc etc. This post is going to… View Post

Weleda Skin Food “If there’s just one thing you need to take with you to a desert island, it’s this little green magic tube. Skin Food is a universal saviour of dry, rough skin on faces, elbows, hands and feet – wherever you take a lot out of your skin, let Skin Food put it back in. With extracts of gentle viola tricolor, calendula and chamomile, in a rich, thick base of oils and beeswax, Skin Food loves your skin back to its best.” This is the ultimate cult product… View Post

Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturiser “Juice Beauty oil-free moisturiser blends certified organic white grape and pomegranate juice with soothing aloe vera, vitamin antioxidants and nutrient-rich sea algae to hydrate and quench skin’s natural moisture balance for a beautiful matte finish. Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer: A lightweight organic oil-free moisturizer ideal to achieve a clearer, brighter complexion.” This is a blog post that I have already posted previously within a larger post of the Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Kit. I am re-posting this one so I can split up the… View Post

Disclaimer: This blog post contains information that could be sensitive. Referral websites for further information will be listed at the bottom of the post for your own further research. A lot this is from my own personal experience, and includes my own personal opinions. Feel free to leave your comments below, but bare in mind everyone’s experience is different. This blog post speaks all about natural contraception methods that do not change the bodies hormones. Hormonal Contraception: Contraceptive Pill, Implant, Injection, IUD etc. Natural Contraception I was so excited when… View Post

 Trevarno Organic Eye Cream “Organic Trevarno’s remarkable and best-selling eye cream has been created from a beautiful blend of organic ingredients. Designed to minimise dark circles and combat puffiness, this light eye cream melts effortlessly into the skin providing the perfect balance of moisturisation and nourishment for the delicate eye area.” This is the first eye cream that I have ever used consistently. At 22 I thought it was time to start the preventative measures against ageing. I’m not actually afraid of ageing, but my eyes were getting very tight… View Post

 Sukin Hydrating Day Cream ” Rosehip Hydrating Day Cream is infused with Pomegranate to help relieve dehydrated skin and prevent the signs of premature ageing. With Kakadu Plum, naturally rich in Vitamin C, our Day Cream encourages skin radiance, while a generous blend of active botanicals will improve texture of skin and leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated. “   Sukin is a brand that I have spoken about a lot in the past as it’s one of the first natural brands I tried. I love it because it is… View Post


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