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Millie Melissa B

Millie Melissa B is an online space for young and conscious creatives.

Here, you will be introduced to the world of natural beauty and plant based beauty food.

I hope you find inspiration as you embark on a journey to natural toxic free living.



Millie Melissa B is an online platform spreading the minimal and natural living message. It provides product reviews for cruelty free and natural alternatives to beauty products; with categories including: skincare, hair care, body care, dental care and make-up. Additional content includes beauty product DIYs as well as natural alternatives to contraception and menstrual products.

The core mission here is to make the switch to being natural, eco-friendly and kind to the body as easy and affordable as possible. This is whilst educating readers on the reason to make this lifestyle change. The transition to natural living is a process that doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and Millie Melissa B is not about encouraging readers to consume more and more products. Instead, the message is to make conscious purchases wherever necessary, and for the things that we really need.

Within the ‘Beauty Food’ category, reader’s can find recipes and advice on how to be natural and beautiful on the inside, because beauty truly starts from within. And within ‘Interviews’ reader’s can find some inspiring advice on natural living and starting an eco-friendly business. Happy reading.



  • All product reviews following January 2017 are cruelty free to my current knowledge.
  • All products contain better/natural ingredients compared to that of conventional brands.
  • All opinions within the reviews are my own.
  • All products were purchased by me unless stated otherwise.
  • All information is correct to my own knowledge. Please email me for further resources and/or for any information corrections.
  • No links are affiliate links unless stated otherwise.
  • All product photography is my own unless stated otherwise. Please credit @milliemelissab for any reposts.
  • For collaborations, please email me on the email address below.



You can contact me via my social media platforms listed below, or alternatively via email: melissa.birch0503@gmail.com



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