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We’ve heard it so many times before: home is where the heart is. It’s the place we come back to and the place we spend most of our time. It’s the place we sleep and essentially where we play out most our living days. Well, our nights. I love coming home so I like to make my space as homely and as nice as I like it. Each home and space is different for everyone since we all have different style and different things that bring us joy. But one thing is for sure and that is how it is best to make our bedroom and our indoor air as toxic free as possible. Many of us aren’t even aware of the things we have that are making our air less fresh and clean, so I’m going to give you some affordable easy tips in this blog post to help filter out some toxins. After all, the indoor air is 3 times more polluted as our outdoor air in most cases. Scary, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading for my advice on low-toxing your bedroom.

The Low-Tox Bedroom

The Bed

The bed is where we spend a third of our life. This is something I like to make as comfy and as cosy as possible from the mattress to the pillow to the soft blankets. But did you know your bedding, linen and mattress can be toxic? This is from the plastic fabric used to make the mattress to the adhesive that holds it together. From my research I’ve found out that a 100% natural latex mattress wrapped in organic material is the safest option. However, we don’t always have the money to make that kind of investment. Especially if you’re like me and renting a furnished flat. Below are my low-tox bed alternatives to a natural mattress:

A natural and organic mattress cover. This is what goes on top of the mattress to make the bed extra comfy. Since this is the thing that will be closest to our bodies, it seems like a great more affordable way to reduce the toxic particles we breath in. I’ve found this Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper by Panda that comes in all bed sizes starting at £99.95. Still an investment but a great alternative to carting around a natural mattress from rented flat to rented flat. The brand also has a Microfibre Bamboo Duvet again, starting at £99.95.

I would say, however, the place to start is investing in some high quality bed linen. After all, this covers all bed furnishings and is essentially right against our skin. Organic bed sheets are a great options and can lasts years. It is also important to be aware of the ingredients in the laundry detergent that you are using.

Finally for this section I think implementing a no shoe policy in the bedroom is vital. It’s also vital to me not to sit on the bed with clothes that have been worn outside. This prevents to spreading of outside pollution and germs being brought inside. As well as keeping bed sheets clean. Especially if they’re white. Click the links below to purchase products mentioned.

The Air

As mentioned above, the air inside is at least twice as polluting as the outside air. Luckily, however, there are things we can do to keep our inside air as clean as we can without obsessing over it. I hear a lot of talk about people purchasing air purifiers which is a great option. But, just like with investing in an organic mattress, an air purifier can be a financial investment as well. If you’re not ready for that investment, here are some of the things you can do affordably to keep the air clean.

I love me some palo santo and sage to cleanse the space of any energy as well as cleaning the air. I know what you’re thinking; how can filling a room with smoke from burning wood and dry leaves be good for the air I’m breathing?! Well, this is more of a first step energy clearing ritual. Ensure you open the window and wave either your sage wand or palo santo stick around the room and into all corners. After wards, put it out with some water. I find this gets rid or any linger smells too.

To clean the air I like to use an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils are concentrated plant power and I love Eucalyptus for a punch of fresh air. This is also great for a natural way to scent a room as conventional room sprays, reed diffusers and even candles are very toxic for our air. Of course, you can use natural alternatives if you wish but I find an essential oil a great way to scent a room and clean the air.

If you choose to use candles which I do on occasion, switch out your classic wax candles for plant wax. These don’t contain any paraffins like paraffin wax and are much less harmful for our lungs. I have linked some below.

Finally, opening the window regularly to let in fresh air and let out stale are is a must. This sounds obvious but there are people who just don’t get around to doing this, especially in colder climates when trying to keep the warmth in. It is also really important to be on mould watch and take precautions to reducing condensation and avoiding mould spore growth. Mould is so toxic for us.

The Details

As well as making sure I implement the above points into my bedroom, there are also some other things I like to do the raise the overall energy of the space and ensure a good nights rest. The first thing is radiation control. By this, I mean avoiding having radiation causing devices near you as you sleep.

I personally don’t have a TV in the bedroom because I choose not to. But if you do make sure it is turned off completely as you sleep or even unplug it. Other things I like to do is put my phone on air plane mode whilst I sleep. If I didn’t share a flat with flat mates, however, I would put my phone on charge in a completely different room and buy a separate alarm clock.

I have a crystal salt lamp next to my bed because I find it really adds to my minimal space. It also adds ions to the space to raise the vibration and energy. You can also buy crystal lamps made of selenite too. I like the rock salt lamp as the bulb is very warm and I find this is easy on my eyes.

PLANTS. Another great detail to add to a room. They are great aesthetically and also help clean the air. It takes a lot of greenery to really get into cleaning the space so bring them all in to add to your living area.

The Low Tox Products

Probably one of the easiest and most important steps you can do to help keep the air free from toxins is switch your cleaning products to cleaner alternatives. These KINN Living products have clean ingredients, get the job done, smell amazing and are affordable to buy. I wrote a full review on these products which you can read here. There are other alternatives available in super markets and online so do your research.

Be wary of what you spray into the air. As mentioned, room sprays can be toxic. skincare but additional to this, stop using aerosol spray deodorants. I have and it changed my life. If you have switched but live with someone who hasn’t, put a ban on sprays it in the bedroom. If you can, put a ban on it being sprayed inside at all and introduce them to the Schmidt’s Charcoal & Magnesium deodorant. It’s unisex and amazing.

If you’re cleaning your bedroom with natural cleaning products, cleaning your bed with clean laundry detergent, then you may as well do yourself the service of switching your hair, skin care and body products to being clean to. This will prevent the spread of toxic chemicals and help you live the low-tox lifestyle. Just click the Natural Beauty heading on the top bar for some great reviews.

I’m planning on doing an affordable Low-Toxic guide for each rood of the home. Please let me know your thoughts and anything you would like me to cover next!


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