Biologi Luminosity Serum Review

 Biologi Luminosity Serum

 “A storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants that leaves skin looking refreshed, radiant and luminous.”

This is a product I had been wanting to try for months before I finally had to make the purchase. Biologi is an Australian based brand and as I’m based in the UK I thought the delivery would be expensive and tricky. Though this product did cost extra to get it to me, $11AUD for shipping and £24GBP in custom tax, it’s been totally worth it. I’d been stalking all the information about this product and brand as it’s such an natural innovation. It is made from 1 ingredient! That’s pretty much unheard of in both the natural and conventional beauty space.

This product is 100% active and made from 100% Davidson Plum. This contains the nutrients Phenolic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Anthocyanin, Quercetin. The website says it’s great for “Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging, Acne prone skin.” As someone with Acne prone skin I can attest that this product is really good. It’s not a miracle worker as acne is most definitely caused for internal reasons, but my skin inflammation and scarring has been reduced.



Biologi is a natural skincare brand that want to change the way people view skincare. The following excerpt is taken from the Biologi website linked here.

“Biologi Founder Ross Macdougald has been creating plant extracts for inclusion in cosmetic products since 2012. Frustrated by the levels at which his serums were being used in commercial products, he created Biologi, the world’s first 100% active natural plant serum. It contains no harmful chemicals, no additives, perfumes, not even water.

“Biologi is the first skincare company to master the entire production process from plant to bottle. Our products are entirely traceable and sustainable. Biologi is extracted, produced and packaged in Byron Bay, Australia, using organic native botanical’s.”

Product Review

First Impressions

My first impression of this product was sheer joy an excitements to finally have it in my life. I missed the delivery twice and had to walk to two different post offices in different areas of London to finally get my hands on this package. It felt like such a luxurious package to have because once I took it out the shipping bag, there was a white box inside with the product wrapped in tissue paper. I’ve kept the box too. I was surprised to see the bottle was actually plastic and not glass like I thought it would be, but that isn’t an issue in the grand scheme of it.

The next this that surprised me was the texture of the product. For some reason I thought this would have a gel like texture, but it has a water like texture which is very true to a serum. It’s very runny so I have to be careful to keep it in my hand so it doesn’t run down my arm or onto the floor. Of all the skincare I’ve tried, this stuff seems way too good to ever waste by spilling it. The scent is very subtle and natural and not perfumey. It smells slightly scientific but is very bearable and easy to wear and the smell disappears after application.

On the skin this product is very smooth. It doesn’t evaporate like a water based product even though it has a very liquid like texture. Instead, it creates a very cooling and thin layer of product over the skin that sinks in and moisturises immediately. It leaves a very smooth residue on the skin that is easy to apply make-up over, or the leave the skin with just this product on. In the day I apply a natural oil free moisturiser with SPF over the top for protection from the sun. A few minutes after application, this product makes my skin feel hot in my acne prone areas which feels like the active ingredients are working on those areas very well.


In the morning after sleeping with this product on my skin my acne prone areas have reduced in inflammation and the scarring is visibly deduced. My skin has started to look a lot plumper than it was, and even after eating a vegan pizza my skin doesn’t look dehydrated or dull. This is a product that is supposed to be great for acne prone skin and it really has helped to tame my breakouts. However, this product doesn’t, and doesn’t claim to, heal acne completely. The brand speaks on their Instagram account and blog about how good skin starts on the inside and how gut health is a huge factor in great skin. This is something I love about the brand as it is so authentic and not misleading to consumers.

Overall, I love this product as it’s so easy to wear. I’ve completely stripped back my skincare routine ince getting this product as I don’t want to reduce the great effects on the product by layering other serums and moisturisers that doesn’t agree with my skin. The only disappointment I have is how quickly this product runs out. I would say this bottle lasts a month with two applications a day. It this product was easier to get a hold of in the UK I would repurchase every month, so I highly recommend to Australian people especially with acne prone skin. Love love love.



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