I Graduated

I Graduated!

“Please stop overthinking life like you have an answer to every feeling or situation. That’s not how life works. We figure it all out by just living, by fucking up, by missing an opportunity, by seeking advice and not taking it. We learn what’s important and what isn’t. Sometimes we have no fucking idea what to do and it’s scary but it’s okay. Always trust your gut and know that everything will work out exactly the way it is supposed to be. It always does. Relax, we were never in control anyway.”

Earlier this week I graduated from The Manchester Fashion Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University. I spent 3 years studying a BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising degree in Manchester where I received a 2:1 grade qualification. My time in Manchester was both challenging and rewarding, which is what most university students say. If you’re interested in studying fashion in Manchester, this post should give you an insight into my experience.

Fashion Buying and Merchandising

When I was looking into universities, I had my heart set of studying Fashion Design in London. After my A-Levels I did a foundation year in art and design to boost my UCAS, and spent that year actually following my intuition where I realised I didn’t want to study design. I fell across this course by accident. I heard about MMU the day before the final open day of the year and came across the business courses available in fashion. I applied to 3 different fashion courses at the university, and decided on buying & merch last minute after following my gut feeling.

I had many complexes about fashion whilst studying, and after going vegan I researched into the fashion industry by accident. The negative impacts of leather and fast fashion became so prevalent to me. Studying the topic gave me a mixture of perspectives on the topic, and led to me doing my dissertation in final year on the ‘Psychological Factors involved in the Ethical Consumers’ decision making process related to the Leather Industry.’ I find it extremely beneficial to understand the business side of the industry and how products get into store when planning to work within the industry. Fashion Buying and Merchandising teaches students how the industry works as well as new strides within sustainability and ethical practises within large industries.

Learn more about the course: here.

To anyone considering studying in Manchester, I would say go for you. There’s MMU where I studied, The University of Manchester, and one in Salford. Most students live in Fallowfield which has a very student feel. The bus is £1.50 single for the magic bus and goes directly into Uni, as well as directly into the City Centre within 30 minutes. On the other side of Fallowfield is my favourite area called Didsbury (East and West), which is also accessible via the Magic Bus. There are plenty of vegan places and things to do, it’s easy to get around, it’s pretty affordable too.

Places to Visit

City Centre: Earth Cafe, Northern Quarter Afflecks, Magma, Eighth Day, The Thrift Shop

Didsbury: Another Heart to Feed, Proove, Healthy Spirit, The Art of Tea, Botanical Garden

Chorlton: Unicorn Grocery

“You need to ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving. Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live your best life. You are not in competition with anyone else. Plan to outdo your past, not other people.” @being.jamie

How I’m Feeling Now

When I finished my final exam in May, I felt extremely lost. There were many times during the degree that I didn’t feel like the job was for me, or that I wasn’t as good as everyone else. During the 3 years I found passions and hobbies in different things and I changed so much as a person. When it came to finishing the course, I had no idea what was next. I spent a few weeks panic applying for jobs with no idea if I could even do the job. I was trying to check in with myself knowing what I was interested, but scared and unsure of if I could do it. I think during times of feeling unsure it’s important to trust your intuition and your gut feeling. Know that everything is happening for you, and not to you; and that the Universe has your back. Also, stop worrying what everyone else is doing and stay in your own lane. This quote from a podcast really helped me: “I never ask myself if I can do something, I ask myself if I WANT to do it” and I stand by this now. You can do anything. Make sure it’s what you want.

It’s been over 2 months now since my last exam and I’m following my intuition with my next step, my first graduate job, and the location change I’m making. I’m scared, I’m anxious, but I’m also excited because I’m trusting my intuition. Pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone is such a hard thing, but that’s where the growth happens. If you’re currently feeling unsure of your future, or unhappy where you are, trust yourself to walk away from things that don’t spark joy, and know that you can live your dream life. You can have it all; we all can.

“How wonderfully you have grown since July of last year. Over rivers. Over mountains. Through an ocean of your fears. Learning to believe over and over again, no matter the darkness, light is still pouring in.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

Class of 2018


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