Review: Gordon Castle Scotland Herbal Foot Balm

Gordon Castle Scotland Herbal Foot Balm

“Treat your feet to this moisturising natural foot balm. Made in Scotland, it contains comfrey and pure essential oils of lavender and rosemary from our Speyside Walled Garden. Naturally soothe tired feet. Apply regularly at bedtime. It’s a must for every potting shed and first aid kit. But you don’t have to take our word for it. John, our head gardener, uses pots and pots!”

Buying a foot balm wasn’t something I had thought about until I had the opportunity to try one. Taking care of my feet wasn’t at the top of my self-care list, but I am so happy to have found this Gordon Castle all natural balm. My feet have never been softer. I hadn’t heard of this brand before stumbling across them on Instagram, and finding small natural brands is so exciting. Gordon Castle Scotland is based in the Scottish Highlands and holds its own botanical garden, which is where the ingredients for their products come from. Gordon Castle is an attraction with an eight-acne Walled Garden which holds the botanical gardens. Not only is this where product ingredients are grown, they are also handpicked and distilled in their Gin.


*Sunflower, Comfrey Leaf, *Sweet Almond, *Beeswax, *Wheatgerm, *Lavender, *Rosemary, *Rosemary Extract, Limonene and Linalool (from essential oils).

*all organic and wild crafted ingredients.

Texture & Scent

The texture of this product is a dream, and exactly suited to the term “balm.” As this product is heavily oil based, it melts into an oily yet slightly buttery texture when rubbed into the feet. It feel so luxurious to use and is so so smooth. This product reminds me of lemon curd, but it isn’t sticky. It isn’t solid in the container like coconut oil; it is easy to scoop out of the jar and melts into the skin quickly. I apply it to my feet, put on some clean socks and let them soak in all the goodness the product offers.

As lavender is in the ingredients list, it is not surprising that is the prominent scent of the product. It is subtly floral and not overpoweringly flowery. It also is a great scent to apply on an evening due to relaxing effects of lavender. It is a sweet, light scent as the lavender is diluted from other oils included in the ingredients.


I find foot products are real luxury as they aren’t exactly necessary. However, I feel like my self-care routine reached a whole new level when I started caring for my feet. I received some great advice recently about how we really need to care more for our feet as they carry us around all day, and for all of our lives. So a moisturising product for my feet is now a must have. This one is all natural and very affordable.

I get hard skin under the ball of my feet from wearing heeled boots most days of the week, and though I try to file it off it still persists. Moisturising properly with this foot balm has made a huge different after this step. In addition, the dry skin on my heel and the back of my foot has disappeared too. I have previously used oils, like coconut oil, on my feet, but this hasn’t made as much of a difference as this balm. My feet are now baby soft and I love it.

I am someone who has very sensitive skin, and as a highly sensitive person it gets irritated easily. Even some natural products still irritate my skin. Oils are my absolute favourite which is why I was drawn to this. It is oil based and holds very few ingredients. The company created their own products with ingredients from their garden; most of which are organic. If it isn’t already clear, I really love this product and highly recommend for anyone with dry skin. The brand has many other products in their range, so I am happy to introduce you to them.

Note: This product is not vegan due to the beeswax.

Disclaimer: Gifted item.


I will definitely be repurchasing this product once I run out. Let me know your thoughts of this product if you’ve ever tried it, I’d love to know!

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