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“Functional Herbal Products & Oils for Women”

“We created Femna to give women a single place to find quality natural products, designed for each stage of a woman’s life.” Maxie & Emily

I was so excited when the lovely Emily from Femna got in touch with me to try a product from the brand. I have been looking for natural menstrual pain relief/pain prevention for a while now. I hadn’t heard about the brand Femna previously, but I am so happy to know about it now. The brand doesn’t just sell product to help us girls during menstruation, but they have products for PMS, Fertility, Pregnancy, and Menopause. The products are high quality, natural and designed for each stage of a woman’s life. To find out more about the brand, and to read a review of their Zero Tolercramps herbal tea keep reading.


Femna is a Berlin based company that was created by Maxie and Emily who first met at Impact Hub Berlin, a co-working community for social enterprises. Both of these ladies have a strong interest in and passion for women’s health, and believe that “ailments like menstrual cramps, PMS, cycle fluctuations and menopause discomfort need not be tackled with popping pills all the time.” Femna offers a wide range of alternatives that are natural and effective. The products span from herbal tea (example as featured in this blog post) to oil roll-on, bathing oil, and a range of external oils for different uses including cellulite or stretch-marks. As mentioned above, Femna cover all essential stages of a woman’s life, including Menstruation, PMS, Fertility, Pregnancy, Menopause and overall Well-being. The brand promises to share high quality products, recipes that rethink old ones, an optimised taste from the herbal teas, and they are breaking the taboo around talking about our ovaries.



I am a huge herbal tea lover, so I was so excited to try this Zero Tolercramps tea. However, this isn’t the only herbal tea blend that the ladies at Femna have created, and I will definitely be trying more in the future. In the menstruation section of the website, there are other teas including: Red Sea – Period Tea, and In Sync One & Two – Cycle Teas. Roll on oils are also being sold individually and in bundles which include: Cycle Bundle, Heavy Days Bundle and Crampy Days Pack. I love the idea behind having bundles! Each other category has a similar selection of products for whichever stage you are in, but I particularly love that there is a PMS section which sells herbal teas and bundles suitable to this Luteal stage pre-cycle. A couple of products I love the sound of include PMS C Cravings Tea and the PMS Wonder Bundle. For the full selection of products, click here and browse away.



“Herbs in this tea have traditionally been recommended when experiencing cramps during menstruation. Developed by leading herbal experts.”

I’m a herbal tea lover so I was no doubt going to love this product. But as someone who drinks a lot of tea, I can say that this is a light and fragrant tea has a taste that, although possible acquired, will be drinkable by anyone. Loose leaf tea is something that is new to me, but I luckily already had a cute rubber strawberry tea strainer and a giant mug ready to indulge with this period friendly tea.


What I love about Femna is that the benefit of their favourite ingredients used are listed on the website. This product in particular uses a really nice mixture of herbs that taste great and are great for menstrual cramps. These ingredients include:

  • Tansy
  • Yarrow: “relieves bloating, menstrual cramps, and pelvic pain in women, headache relieve.”
  • Lady’s Mantle: “hormone-regulating, progesterone-like, cramp relieving, blood purifier, relieves pain”
  • Ginger
  • Raspberry Leaves: “de-cramping, blood cleansing, strengthening the connective tissue”
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Peppermint

How to Use

This product is completely fool proof as the step by step on how to use it is included on the back of the packaging. I find this a great touch as if I hadn’t read the instructions, I would’ve used it like any other tea and wouldn’t have got the maximum benefits out of the products and its ingredients. The instructions are as follows:

“2 teaspoons per 200ml boiling water, leave covered (to keep essential oils from evaporating), brew 8-12 minutes and strain. One week before your period, drink 1-3 cups daily. When needed, for first 2-3 days of your period drink 1-3 cups daily. Avoid during pregnancy and lactation.”

Does it Work?

I will start by saying that I am someone who suffers with very bad menstrual cramps. I have tried everything to try and prevent them in terms of diet, lifestyle, contraception and even my period collection method (I use an OrganiCup). However, nothing has seemed to work besides conventional pain killing medication Ibuprofen. I only take this when I really need to which is only during the first two days of my cycle, and I really hate taking them as I know they aren’t good for my body.

Luckily, I found Femna. I started drinking Femna tea 3 days before my period started and admittedly, I didn’t drink 1-3 cups a day. I roughly drank 1 or 2 cups so I wasn’t as consistent as it suggests on the packaging. However, I still felt that the tea helped my menstrual cramps tremendously as I didn’t get any pre-menstrual pain. I only suffered the worst of my menstrual pain once my cycle had started and it only lasted the first day which I also spent drinking this tea. Although my pain wasn’t completely eradicated, I know that the tea made a really great difference. I will continue to use this tea for my next cycle and update this blog post after doing so. So far, I am happy with the outcome from this product and I am excited to try the cycle bundles sold on the website to give my cramps an extra kick to the curb. I definitely recommend this product to anyone. If you’re someone who only has mild cramps, I would imagine this tea could eradicate your pain completely.

Scent & Flavour

I love the scent of this tea. Straight out of the bag, the dry tea leaves have a scent of fresh peppermint which is included in the ingredients list. There is also a hint of ginger, and just like with Green Tea and other herbal blends, that underlining fresh, natural herbal scent. Once strained, the tea still has that scent of peppermint, but it is much more subtle. I am glad that this tea doesn’t have an over powering peppermint flavour as mint tea isn’t my favourite. However, this is still fresh enough for peppermint tea lovers to enjoy. The ginger also isn’t overpowering in terms of scent and also flavour. I would say this tea smells and tastes like a very fresh blend of herbs. If I’m honest, I haven’t ever tried a tea like this before, and I’m not sure what the individual ingredients smell or taste like. What I will say, is that this is a very easy to drink tea and I love it.

Additional Points & Summary

  • This tea is cruelty free and vegan friendly.
  • All the herbs are fully natural.
  • I love the packaging of this product, and there is a good amount of tea included: 50g.
  • This tea is available to be bought online and ships to the UK.
  • The brand focuses on female care and well-being in all stages of life.
  • The tea tastes very fresh with a hint of peppermint.
  • I highly recommend anyone who suffers menstrual pain try this tea out and let me know what you think of it.
  • This product is affordable and I recommend it for anyone.
  • The herbs used in the teas have been carefully selected for their intended purpose by experts.

Discount Time

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*This blog post includes a gifted item*



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