Review: Crazy Rumors Lip Balm: Your Search for Vegan Lip Balm is Over


Vegan lip balm that tastes great, works, and doesn’t use any beeswax at all. Winning!

It took me a long time to find a lip balm that was fully vegan, natural, cruelty free and that actually worked. I came across Crazy Rumors lip balms completely by accident. I bought one on a spontaneous trip to Holland & Barrett (a health food store in the UK) because it was on sale for £1.99 and I was in need of some lip therapy. I knew the product was cruelty free due to the happy leaping bunny symbol, but part of me expected the product to contain beeswax which I should have checked for. However, one day I spotted that the product said ‘Vegan’ on it, and the rest is history. These lip balms are the whole package: vegan, cruelty free, affordable, natural, and work better than any other lip balm I have ever tried. Keep reading to find out why!


The brand uses Shea Butter as the moisturising ingredient in these lip balms. I already love Shea Butter so it makes me love the brand even more. They are also naturally scented with essential oils, and sweetened with natural Stevia. Other ingredients include: Macadamia Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Glycine Soya Wax, Jojoba Seed Oil, Carnauba Wax, Natural Flavours &/or Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Stevia.


I love the texture of these lip balms; they are so smooth to apply and very comfortable to wear. The shea butter and natural oils in the ingredients make the texture very easy to apply due to the creaminess, but they aren’t overly oily either. Some vegan lip balms that don’t include beeswax can have a gritty texture, but these do not. They also aren’t sticky at all, but just the perfect creamy and smooth texture that you would expect from a lip balm. I have found that some lip balms can dry onto the lips and peel off, which makes the lips feel very sore. I love that these don’t do that either. They leave the lips moisturised for as long as they are on the lips.


These lip balms are scented with essential oils and sweetened with stevia. The scents are very sweet and smell very close to whatever flavour the packaging says. The orange juice flavour tastes and smells very close to the real thing, it’s crazy and amazing! Although the scents are noticeable, they aren’t over powering or potent. Instead, they are subtle, sweet and very natural. Due to the stevia content, they also taste great with a very sweet hint. The scent is so nice, sweet and true to flavour that I sometimes rub the product onto my wrists and it creates a moisturising subtle perfume.


  • These lip balms are very easy to apply due to the smoothness of the texture.
  • In addition to application, they also feel smooth on the lips, and very comfortable to wear.
  • Very moisturising on the lips, as well as being gentle.
  • Doesn’t leave lips drier after use, and doesn’t crack lips or make the wearer get addicted to reapplying the product.
  • Doesn’t sting the lips.
  • Applies as clear.
  • Lips don’t feel coated in heavy product as these aren’t heavy or gloopy.
  • The product doesn’t melt easily in the heat, they just get softer.
  • Lovely packaging and the lid stays on very securely.
  • The brand offers loads of different flavours to choose from.
  • Can be bought from Holland and Barrett or online.
  • The brand is vegan, cruelty free and affordable.
  • The shea butter makes the formula very moisturising and smooth.
  • Product is very comfortable to wear.

This lip balm works very well. As mentioned above, it moisturises the lips without drying them out. The product doesn’t dry or peel off, and it doesn’t make the lips feel drier after use. Although, bare in mind if your lips do get dry it is the first sign of dehydration, so make sure that you drink some water too.


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