Review: Salt of the Earth All Natural Deodorant

Salt of the Earth deodorant is a salt stick deodorant made from 100% salt. The deodorant is made from only one ingredient which is the salt, and is sold locally in health food stores and online.

I bought this deodorant as I had heard it was the most natural deodorant that there is. This is due to it only being made from one ingredient which is salt, and also all of the minerals from salt. It is said that the application of a layer of salt as deodorant can prevent bacteria from growing, which is turn prevents odour.

I have mentioned before that before I turned to using natural deodorants I was hitting the Sure Maximum Protection pretty hard. That stuff is the strongest deodorant I have ever found and it was even difficult to remove; some days I had to shave the stuff off! So as you can imagine, I have always been quite the sweaty person. Since becoming vegan I have noticed that I sweat a bit less, but not so little that only using salt as deodorant could work. And I think it was always inevitable that I wouldn’t get use out of this product for very long. However, I still wanted to try it. What I found is that it could last for around 1 hour before I felt like I wasn’t wearing any protection at all.

If you don’t sweat a lot or are just starting out using deodorant then this could be a good product for you on a day to day basis. It’s light weight, affordable, and the actual product will last a good length of time. Unfortunately I did find it a bit inconvenient to apply. As this is a salt stick, it is rock solid and needs to be applied to damp arm pits or be wet to apply. It is then recommended that the user rubs it onto their armpit until the area becomes dry. For me, this just felt like a long process especially as I found that the product barely lasted on my armpits.

What is good is that the deodorant is clear, which means there aren’t any nasty white marks on clothes after getting dressed. It also doesn’t have a scent which could be beneficial if you are sensitive to some smells, particularly artificial fragrances, which I am. The packaging is also sleek and easy to transfer about with you.

Over all, for me, I found that as natural as this product is it just didn’t work for me as an odour protection which is what it is created for. I know that I will definitely not be repurchasing this product again.


So to recap:

  • All natural, vegan, cruelty free.
  • No harmful ingredients or chemicals: 1 ingredient which is salt.
  • Supposed to prevent bacteria grows and odour.
  • Suitable for people who sweat very lightly.
  • Product will last a while and won’t need to be repurchased often.
  • Inconvenient to apply as the product has to be damp.
  • Didn’t last as fighting odour on me personally; lasted around 1 hour.
  • If you sweat a lot this product probably won’t work for you either.
  • It is very affordable and is easy to find in local health food stores and also online.
  • Doesn’t have a scent.
  • Can fit easily into any bag and is handy to travel with.
  • I personally would not repurchase this item.




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