Review: Sukin Oil Balancing Mattifying Charcoal Facial Moisturiser


If you have read any of my previous blog posts about Sukin natural skincare, you will know how much I love the brand. If you haven’t caught up yet you can do so by clicking here and here and here.

I think I decided to buy this particular product because I just love the packaging. The grey and white colour scheme is definitely my aesthetic and the product itself didn’t disappoint. It did for me what I expected it to; it is a slightly mattifying moisturiser.

If you’re used to mattifying primers that are really strong at mattifying then you probably won’t notice this product as much. But for me, I don’t use primer and instead just stick to moisturiser which I find can get shiny throughout the day. I will say that I do prefer the Super Greens moisturiser over this one just because I prefer more of a glow.

Also, the scent of this one is slightly stronger than that of the Super Greens but it isn’t over powering and artificial like a lot of the unnatural products in the market today. The scent smells slightly herbal, fresh, and definitely natural.

I use this moisturiser as a day moisturiser as it is very light, breathable, not too heavy, and sinks into the skin really quickly. It is great to wear under make-up and I think that is what the product is designed for. However, the product isn’t overly moisturising. This product definitely doesn’t block my pores or cause any irritation which is down to the natural ingredients. I also don’t get any unfortunate break outs from this product either. Switching to natural skincare products has really changed the condition of my skin.

In terms of the packaging, it is really hygienic. The pump top means that we don’t have to keep putting our fingers into a tub and spreading extra germs. I sometimes worry that this product will leak when I travel as there isn’t an extra lid but I haven’t had this problem as of yet.


So to recap:

  • I do really like this product. It is really affordable and the product is great for the price tag.
  • I would recommend this to anyone who wants an under the make-up daily moisturiser.
  • Suitable for teenagers with acne prone skin or anyone with acne prone skin in general.
  • Is slightly mattifying.
  • Helps makeup stay on all day because it isn’t oily or slippery on he skin.
  • Absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t cause break outs or irritation.
  • Doesn’t block my pores at all.
  • more suitable as a day moisturiser over a night time moisturiser as it is very light weight.
  • Has a fresh and herbal scent that isn’t over powering or artificial.
  • I really like this product however, I do prefer the Sukin Super Greens moisturiser which you can read about here. It just depends what you are looking for.




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