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Sukin is an all natural and paraben free skincare brand based within Australia. The brand is super affordable for the quality of the products, and every product I have tried I have loved. I found out about the brand from a few Australian bloggers that I follow and since then I have noticed the brand stocked in such easily accessible places within the UK. They are even stocked within Holland & Barrett which have stores within most towns and cities. I am personally so grateful to have found this brand and so grateful that the founders noticed the gap within the market for affordable natural skincare. This is the first natural brand that I tried for skincare as I am a recent convent onto the natural train and from this point there is no going back! I am hooked.

I am in love with this product.

This cream cleanser is a product that I am in love with. I come from a background of acne prone skin and heavy make-up so harsh cleanser have paved my path throughout teenage years. It wasn’t until this year and at 20 that I decided to take better care of my largest organ: my skin. I can honestly say this is the best cleanser that I have ever tried.

I have always used a cleanser to remove my make-up and afterwards my skin would feel stripped and dry but not exactly clean. So I would also have to use toners and extra cleansing pads to remove the stubborn make-up. With this cleanser, my make-up cleans away so easily. As it is a cream, it doesn’t leave my skin dry, tight, or stripped in the slightest and at first I was so shocked. I chose the cream cleanser over the foam cleanser as I have heard that foam cleansers are key champions in stripping the skin and I do not regret that decision at all. My skin loves this cream cleansing product.

The product is so gentle on the skin and removes make-up without having the scrub. I first rub this all over my face to loosen the make-up and then wash it off with warm water; gently rubbing away at my eye make-up. I could leave it there with cleansing but I do then like to re-apply the cleanser onto my skin so I can gentle rub with a damp muslin cloth to remove all excess make-up; as well as my eye make-up. On days where my eye make-up isn’t budging, I use my oil cleansing oil mixture just on my eyes then wipe away with the cloth. I have never been happier with my evening skin care routine!

So to recap:

  • This product is all natural and paraben free.
  • It is cruelty free and vegan so no animal product or animal testing.
  • It is gentle on the skin but really works as a cleanser.
  • Works really well to remove make-up.
  • Isn’t harsh and doesn’t have any strong or artificial scents.
  • Is easy to buy and is sold in most health food stores within the UK.
  • The product lasts a good length of time roughly around 3 months (I would say as an estimate.)
  • The packaging keeps the product hygienic and is easy to use with the pump.
  • I also love the simple packaging of the product.
  • Doesn’t strip, dry, or cause tightness of the skin.
  • Is great for acne prone skin as it is so gentle.
  • Overall this is a really a great product that really works.

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  1. Maya
    12th March 2017 / 4:11 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing all your reviews, I love reading them:)
    I’m going to try the Sukin products now and was wondering if you have a recommended ritual? Do you use only the soap and moisturizer or do you use their toner, serum or other products as well?

    • Melissa Birch
      12th March 2017 / 4:30 pm

      Hello and thank you so much for your comment! 🌸🌿 I personally just use the cleanser, moisturiser, and face masks! I love the super greens face mask too but haven’t done a review yet 🙂 and the super greens moisturiser is my favourite one. I don’t really bother with toners as I don’t find it necessary for myself, but if you like them then give it a try! I would quite like to try a thick moisturiser that I can use on a night time before bed 🌿

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