Review: Valentine’s Day With Rosehip & Thorn

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with some all natural luxurious beauty treatments?! I personally love using all natural ingredients on my face and body, which you will know if you’ve read any of my previous reviews, and I especially love anything that allows me to relax at the same time. These bath melts are great to pop in the bath, relax, and when you step out you feel moisturised and refreshed. I have reviewed a Rose Hip & Thorn bath melt fairly recently but a couple of new products have just been released for the romantic season. So if you want to see what is new, keep on reading.



As someone who is wholeheartedly obsessed with coconut oil for pretty much everything, I knew I would love this product. What I love about this love heart shaped Pink Salt and Coconut bath melt is the subtle exfoliation that it also gives along with being moisturising. With bath melts, I like to rub them on my skin to make sure I get the most out of them and this one has a pink under layer of gentle sea salt. It exfoliates lightly and then I let the rest melt into the bath leaving steamy circles of oily moisture.

I can really tell when the coconut oil being used is organic, unrefined, and cold pressed (my favourite kind) when there is a subtle scented hint of coconut. For me personally, I prefer scents to be light; I don’t like smells that are over powering, artificial or too sweet as I am quite sensitive to smells. For those of you wondering, I have found that non-organic coconut oil doesn’t really have a smell and I find it slightly firmer that the cold pressed option.

These bath melts can also be used in the shower and are a very convenient almost two in one product. It’s so great for us lazy people to get out of the bath or shower and not have to stand there in the cold and apply a moisturiser (or for me, coconut oil.) Another great thing about all natural products is that they don’t strip the skin at all. So if you hadn’t guessed, I really love this product and the concept!

The only thing to be aware of is that because these products are designed to melt they shouldn’t be kept in a place with a high temperature. Just like coconut oil, they will melt if they get too hot. Mine did get a bit soft in the packaging but still worked just as great. And I got two uses out of this product.





The bath melt that I reviewed previously was very similar to this one so if you would like to read that post; I will link it here.

This bath melt is just for the moisture and doesn’t have the exfoliation and I find it extra nourishing. The coco butter gives the bath melt a subtle chocolate scent which compliments the rose and lavender hints. A surprising combination, but as these products are so natural the scents are very subtle. This is why I love them, which I mentioned above. Again, this product means that I don’t have to moisturise when I get out of the bath and my skin also feels super super soft afterwards!

I really like the way the rose petals have been used on this product to match the rose scent and also the company branding; something I really appreciate as a consumer. I really feel like these products have been made with love and I especially love that they are handmade. I got two uses out of this product.


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