Can We Really Ditch Fluoride?! & DIY Zero Waste Toothpaste Recipe 



Fluoride is something that we don’t tend to think too much about; it’s just something that is in toothpaste and other dental hygiene products. It’s only when looking deeper into the subject that information arises, and this information isn’t spoken about openly by many people. I know that for me, personally, I thought fluoride was necessary within toothpaste in order clean teeth properly. Even when asking my dentist about the topic I was told the same thing, that it is necessary in order to avoid cavities. According to dentists, if we don’t use fluoride toothpaste then we will quickly see holes developing within our teeth. So if this is the case, how come some people have managed to ditch the fluoride and chemical loaded toothpaste for a natural fluoride free option?

Teeth health is also massively linked to the individuals dietary choices. For example, fizzy drinks full of chemicals and sweets loaded with refined sugars are easily accessible for anyone and everyone. These things are amongst some of the cheapest products that we can buy and they are also very addictive. However, for someone like myself who eats a predominantly plant based diet that is 100% vegan, I know that I don’t have harmful substances eroding my teeth every day. Some people, including dentists, argue that fruit sugar is harmful for the teeth as it is naturally high in sugar. This might be true, so just like everyone is suggested to I always brush my teeth twice a day. But I have completely ditched fluoride from my toothpaste and from any other dental hygiene products and my teeth are fine! No cavities and no sensitivity.


So Why Is This?

It’s simple: we just don’t need it. Fluoride is a toxic waste product. To better learn about the subject, below I have linked articles that better articulate the topic.





By Dr. Mercola

Most people are aware that you should not swallow your toothpaste, and many even know this is because of the fluoride it contains. But when it comes to fluoride in drinking water, many are either unaware that it is there, or they trust their government to know―and do―what’s best for them.

Many therefore assume that if the government allows fluoride in their water, it must be safe – but it’s not.

There is an abundance of information available on the devastating health effects of fluoride. If this is news to you, the video above may be hard to swallow (as we hope the fluoride will be, following you viewing it) … but it’s truth that needs to get out.



DIY Zero Waste Toothpaste


  • 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda
  • 15-20 drops of Essential Oil


This recipe isn’t originally my own this is just the recipe that I chose to make. All that is left to do once all the ingredients are measured out is to place them all into a glass jar and mix together. For this, I had to melt the coconut oil slightly as it solidifies when cold and it just made it easier to mix together. For the jar, I used an old almond butter jar that I cleaned out. Feel free to double up on the recipe to better fill your jar!

Video Recipe.



I have switched from a classic plastic toothbrush to a panda friendly MOSO bamboo toothbrush that is biodegradable. The only plastic part of this toothbrush is the bristles which can be removed and recycled which is great. The brand that I bought from is called Environmental Toothbrush and promises that the handle is made from Environmentally Sustainable and Biodegradable Bamboo.

You can purchase this toothbrush here.


Oil Pulling

Another all natural method of keeping your dental hygiene great is by oil pulling. Originally oil pulling was done using Sesame oil but is now commonly done using Coconut oil. Oil pulling is simply just swishing the oil around you mouth for 10-20 minutes and also pulling it through your teeth to gather any hidden dirt and plaque. After the 20 minutes to oil gets spat oil into a bin as putting it down to drain can cause blockages. Benefits of oil pulling include: teeth whitening, body detoxifying, keeping the skin clear, reduced headaches, and promotion of oral hygiene.

Find out more about oil pulling here.




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  1. 1st March 2018 / 12:32 am

    What an awesome DIY toothpaste recipe! I got into making my own tooth powder after learning about all the toxic chemicals in store brand toothpastes, and it worked so well that I now sell it as part of my ethical + eco-friendly self care business!

    • Melissa Birch
      1st March 2018 / 8:05 am

      Wow that sounds amazing! Would love to know more about your business!

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