Review: Kingfisher Fennel Natural Fluoride Free Toothpaste


I decided to switch to fluoride free toothpaste about 2 or 3 months ago now and that may be controversial to some considering how it is presumed and told that we need it or we will get cavities. Well, this is not true. I am not going to discus to ins and outs of fluoride or unnecessary chemicals within this blog post but I will be writing about it at some point and when I do I will add that blog post here. But for now, lets get on with the review.

This is the second natural and fluoride free toothpaste that I tried and after my first encounter I had honestly lost a bit of hope. However, this toothpaste is honestly great. It does come in different flavours if you feel strange using a fennel flavoured toothpaste, but fennel leaves my mouth feeling just as fresh as mint does and the brand do offer a mint flavoured option.

But the product itself is everything you would expect from a toothpaste. The product colour is white and has the same consistency as the other generic toothpastes I have used previously and the formula lathers up when brushing. I note this point because not all fluoride free or natural toothpastes do lather and the user needs extra toothpaste to feel like their mouth has been fully cleaned. But this product really does leave a fully fresh and clean feeling after brushing and I brush my teeth twice a day and don’t feel like I need to clean them anymore than usual. The price of this item is less than £3.00 so the same price as the usual brands and lasts the same length of time as you would expect a toothpaste to last when using twice a day.

The ingredients within this product are as follows:

calcium carbonate chalk gentle abrasive
glycerin vegetable moisture retention
aqua purified water moisture
sodium lauroyl sarcosinate palm oil dispersant
hydrated silica natural ore structuring agent
cellulose gum plant fibre thickener
foeniculum vulgare fennel fresh taste
anethole fennel fresh taste
limonene fennel fresh taste


Palm oil as an ingredient is controversial to come people, me included. I only became aware of palm oil after purchasing this product and still need to research into this further before repurchasing. The product is, however, a fully Vegan product and is also Gluten free, GMO free, is BDHF Approved and is an Ethical Consumer Best Buy product.

So To Recap:

  • Can be bought online or from a health food shop.
  • Fluoride free option.
  • Comes in fennel, mint, and other flavours also.
  • Product is white and lathers like a usual toothpaste.
  • Leaves mouth feeling clean and fresh when brushing twice a day.
  • Price is less than £3.00 and last expected amount of time.
  • Ingredients are natural but palm oil is questionable.
  • Product is fully vegan and GM free.
  • Item is the Ethical Consumer best buy.
  • Does NOT test on animals: Cruelty Free.
  • Kingfisher attempts to minimise impact on the environment.


You can shop this product here.


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