The Long Hair Nightmare


Okay I will say it, long hair is overrated. I know, I know, that’s not the opinion of the majority. Long hair is some what aspirational, or at least it was to me growing up, as if everything would have been better with longer hair. “I’ll be happy when my hair is long”, “when my hair is long boys will like me” or even “when my hair is long I will have my life together.” But is any of that actually true? Better yet, does it matter?

Basically, I cut my hair off. A whole 6 inches of it and a heck of a lot of the thickness too. To be honest my hair isn’t short at this point and it still classifies as being long, most people haven’t really noticed that much of the length has been sliced. But I have noticed, and I continue to notice every time I wash and style my hair because the time it takes me has been shortened by three quarters. That’s quite a chunk of time that I now have back.

Having long hair was an identity that I attached myself to so going to the hairdressers was extremely brave for me, as it is for anyone. Putting the fate of your hair into somebody else’s hands is traumatising and I will admit how I stayed involved and focused during the whole event, eyes fixated on the scissors.

But on the end I realised that hair is something to have fun and experiment with because it always grows back in the end anyway, so why not change up your look every once in a while? even if just only slightly.



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