What 2016 Taught Me

There are currently two days left of 2016 and I have found myself reflecting on the past 12 months with an open heart. Not everything that has happened was amazing, but personally nothing went drastically wrong. And I feel that this past year has been the year of which I have grown the most as a person. I left my teenage years and entered my twenties and realised as the days went on that I am practically an adult now and I no longer rely solely on anyone, except myself.

So with self growth in mind I wanted to share with you some pivotal lessons that I have learnt this year. It’s funny thinking back to a year ago and starting my blog and having no idea what I was going to write about or who I even was. I’m still not at a perfect place of having my life 100% together but being on the path to self discovery is all I can ask for right now. For the lessons I learnt this year, keep reading:



Always listen to your heart and do everything that you want to.

In life we can get caught up in doing what we think we should do to get the most money, or to make someone else proud. Stop shutting out your intuition and your gut feeling. If you’re confused or unsure sit down with yourself and ask “What is it that I really, truly want from life?” and do that.


Question everything.

There is nothing that is taught that cannot be questioned. This year I learnt that not all that glitters is golden and that not all that we are told in school and from our parents is true. Also, just because someone is older does not mean that they know better. So do your own research.


Being plant based/vegan is the healthiest lifestyle choice a person can make.

Like I said, question everything and do your own research. A plant based, vegan lifestyle is also the most environmentally friendly, the most sustainable, and the kindest choice one can make. It has also been the best decision of my life.


Spirituality is a journey that is open for everyone.

Reading spiritual and personal growth books, meditation, yoga, crystals etc. They have given me hope and introduced me to a completely new mindset and a new way to live.


Consistent self study and learning is essential to personal growth, always.

Through books and documentaries and even YouTube videos. Stay educated.

Weight and looks don’t determine happiness in any way.

Health does. When wanting to change, focus on being healthy and being best possible you that you can be, and the change will come.


Everything that is happening in your life is happening for you, not to you.

This is such a strong statement because sometimes the road gets rocky but the final destination will be better than ever so stay present.


Letting go is so important.

It releases so much negative energy that is being held unnecessarily. Just the words “Let Go” on there own are so powerful.


Having lots of things doesn’t make me happy.

In fact, the opposite does. Getting rid of things I don’t like or want or need empowers me. I was introduced to minimalism this year and it really has changed the way that I view having “things”. If it doesn’t add value to my life, I no longer want to own it.


Living in the now, the present moment, is so important.

Oh, and time doesn’t truly exist. The words then, when, future, past, tomorrow, yesterday do not describe another time because when they occurred they were all happening in the “now.” So celebrate today.


You can achieve anything.

You are not held back from your current circumstance and anything is possible for you. No body can make you feel small if you do not allow them to. You are capable of anything.


Almost everything is full of chemicals.

The products we are sold these day (food, cosmetics, cleaning products) are so full of poisonous chemicals that can be detrimental to our health. I made a choice to remove them from my life this year and will continue to do so in 2017. There is also a natural cure for acne and for health that does not have to include tons of harsh chemicals, products and FAD diets.


Not everyone will like you, do you like you?

Loving yourself is so important. Practise self love and appreciation throughout 2017 and for the rest of your life. When you love yourself fully you won’t settle for any less than happiness and any less than what you know you deserve.


You have every right to remove toxic people from your life whenever you feel necessary.

Never carry negative and dead weight. If the people you are surrounded by no longer serve you, help you, or grow you, then have no regrets saying goodbye within the new year.


I learnt about the law of attraction, manifestation, energy, the power of the thoughts this year.

The two most powerful books that I read were The Power of Now and The Secret. I recommend them to everyone because they really create a switch in the mind.


Your choice of further education or degree doesn’t decipher your life path.

If you realise along the way that it is not for you (like I have) you do not have to continue to do it as a career. This is something I want to shout from the rooftops until even I believe it.


I found my love documentaries and reading books.

Anything educational that grows me as a person and teaches me something, I am all about it.

I am whole without things, without approval and only I can make myself happy.

The longest relationship you have is with yourself so nurture that relationship. No one can bring you down without your approval. No one can imagine a thunderstorm into your meditation.


Positive Thoughts & Affirmations can change your life.

This may sound silly, but change your thoughts to positive ones and tells yourself positive affirmations and eventually your will start to believe them.



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