Self Labelling is Self Limiting

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We are not the labels that we give ourselves or that anybody else gives to us. We are spiritual being inside the human form which makes us complex beyond belief. We cannot be described using the words from a language that is so limited in vocabulary choice. Simply labelling ourselves with these describing words is accepting a societal definition and creating a confined box to be placed into. This is so limiting and detrimental to personal growth and to all the things we are capable of achieving as we progress and change.

I’ve heard a few times the question “Can you describe yourself in 5 words?” and somehow is seems possible to muster up 5 simple definitions about own personal existence that gives the listening strangers an idea of who we are individually. It gives them an almost preconceived definition that bleeds into an opinion. So from those 5 tiny words a category for us is created by people who we have never so much as second glanced at before, and from this they think they know about who we are.

But there is so much more to human existence. Even a list as long as a country wouldn’t be long enough to rationally explain in a summary all of the reasons to why we arrived here on this planet at the time that we did. There aren’t any words in any language that can give an explanation to why the universe needs us all today and to how our life journey’s have brought us to the point we are at now. We ourselves aren’t yet fully aware of our capabilities, of our future possibilities, or of you true meaning in this life. So we certainly cannot describe ourselves in 5 minuscule and irrelevant words.



I hope you realise that when you put a definition to anything that you do, or describe your personality as something that can be defined, it puts you into a box. If you’re a positive person it doesn’t mean you can’t have a negative day, week, or 5 minutes. If you’re the girl with “amazing long hair” it doesn’t mean you can’t cut it into a bob.

To identify with these personal traits so extremely encourages stagnancy to growth. Change is inevitably going to happen and your current interests won’t stay the same. This is why the things that we think make us who we are shouldn’t be clutched onto so tightly. Because one day if those things that we identify so strongly with right now aren’t defining our personality and physical appearance anymore, we will feel a sense of loss. A sense of “who am I now?”

It’s the same thing when being labelled by someone else. The thing to remember is that nobodies opinion defines who you are. As mentioned above, your existence in itself is so complex that nobody, not even the person closest to you, will ever know enough about you to be able to define you as anything. So stay authentic to yourself, stay hungry for knowledge, and welcome  any changes with open arms.



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