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The make-up and beauty market is undeniably saturated. Thus, making it an almost impossible task to find any products that come close to being holy grail. There is an increased struggle for any beauty lover to resist the temptation of buying more and more products, most of which aren’t actually needed, and therefore run the risk of never actually being using them more than once. But how can consumers manage to sift through everything in the market to find products that are suitable when everything claims to be different, yet looks just the same?!

Fortunately when on the search for products that fall under the cruelty free title the search becomes slightly easier. Not every brand in the drugstore today is actually cruelty free and most of the popular brands cannot make that promise to their consumers. So it lowers the selection of brands to just a few that can manage to make that commitment. As beauty continues to evolve, more and more brands are managing fall under the cruelty free label which is great, but as time progresses it will again start to make picking products tricky.

So sometimes we do just have to experiment with brands and products to find out if they actually will do what they say they will. The story of how I came across Make-Up Revolution is by doing exactly that, experimenting with new products. I found the brand by accident around 3 years ago when I was on the hunt for a Highlighter, just before the time that ‘Glowing’ became a longstanding trend. It was also before most of the drugstore brands had picked up on it. The only one I could find at the time was £3, was very pigmented, and was by a brand I hadn’t yet heard of. So with a price tag that low of course I bought the product.

I do think that Make-up Revolution have changed the formula of their highlighting powers slightly since the first one I bought because the highlighting kit in Radiance isn’t as pigmented and the powder also isn’t as soft. However, considering this palette is £8 is does the job of highlighting, offers 3 different shades, and is a fraction of the price of other highlighting kits that are around within the market.

The eye-shadow palette pictured within these images is the Redemption eye-shadow palette in Iconic 2. The shadows within this palette are soft, pigmented, and blendable. The 3 main requirements for eye-shadows. This palette retails for £4 and contains all of the basic neutral shades with a mix of mattes and shimmers. The packaging is also sleek and to a high standard considering how low the price of this product is.


Let me know your opinion of these products or any other cruelty free brand that I should try out.



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