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The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle.

How can one begin to describe and summarise a book so in depth that the words spoke to inner places within me that I had never delved into myself?

This book took me 3 months to finish because each chapter gives something to think about for a while and that’s how you know that the words are resonating with you. You dwell on them throughout parts of the day even when you’re busy. So what do the words say?

As the title of the book suggests, the book is about the power of now. What this means is living in the moment. This moment. This second. Whatever it is you are doing. Right Now. Let go of all anxieties of the future and the regrets of the past because all that matters is now. When what happened in the past was happening it was the now, then, and when to future arrives it will be the new now. Because time doesn’t truly exist. The past doesn’t exist and neither does the future. What exists is right now.

The Power of Now teaches readers to stop avoiding the present moment and wasting what is happening now in hopes for a better future. Because the future from the past is right now. The book also goes in depth about the ego within the human mind, the way our thoughts speak to us and talks us down from our great potentials and the pain body that takes us over and steals our inner peace. I cannot break down the teachings into a blog post of around 300 words because the depth that Eckhart Tolle goes into is so vast. All I can say is after reading this book or listening to it on audio you will not think the same way as before. You will be enlightened. And I hope you will continue on a journey of receiving higher consciousness through the teachings of spiritual leaders.

You are capable of great things.



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    • Melissa Birch
      1st September 2016 / 8:56 am

      It’s amazing! Life changing some might say haha! Xx

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