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There are so many things that we are never told, and these aren’t what we find out as we get older. These are hidden secrets that only a select amount of people get to know. I’ve had so many questions over the last few months, especially since going vegan, that are yet to be answered for me or maybe never will be. Such as;

Why are we manipulated and brainwashed into believing that meat and dairy is actually good for us?

Why isn’t true factual information easy to find or available for the masses to learn about?

Along with realisation of a few truths comes a certain level of sadness. And as my research into the way humans are as beings I’ve realised how irrelevant we are as individuals but how important we are together. Only when grouped together can we truly make the change that we and the future of the planet needs to see.



Currently I am reading ‘The Power of Now‘ and listening on audio to ‘A New Earth‘ both by Eckhart Tolle. He has opened my eyes to a new kind of realisation. This is about the importance of consciousness, the Ego, the sad truths about our species and a mixture of other ways brainwashing has been put into play through evolution and higher power.

I would be lying if I said that these new realisations are easy to hear. It’s difficult knowing that a lot of what we are taught isn’t exactly true especially when everybody else is still teaching or believing those things, and no-one is on the same path as you are. Or when everything you say sounds like words of a “crazy person“.

Disconnection from people you used to relate to then starts to occur and at one point recently I lost motivation for everything. This is because everything apart from saving the planet seemed pointless. But then it became clear that I only have the power to be the change of one person but one person is a domino effect.



Throughout all of this back and forth of unfortunate thoughts and the great unknowing I feel like I have let go of hard barriers I created for myself. As well as the labels I used for self definition. In other words, I’ve lightened up. We cannot define ourselves with words, they are irrelevant. You can be a million things. So my biggest advice for you right now is to live in the now, live carefree, be nice to others, and never conform to the expectations of others. This sadness through realisation led me to a pinch of frivolous spending but also led me to discover and rediscover how true it is that having ‘things’ won’t make you happy, happiness starts from within.




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