I’m Switching Things Up, & Other Short Stories

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Writing in essence is just a string of words held together with punctuation. Sentences are held together with guidelines that we are taught to follow within English classes as we grow up. Short sentence, long sentence, complex sentence. A mixture of complexities within themselves that can take away the inner ability to make the words flow. This is because in someone’s opinion other people can read your words better when we follow a certain structure.

The raw expression that handwriting creates is not felt through words that are typed. It isn’t just writing for ourselves, but with the expectation that somebody, somewhere will find your written piece and scan through it in a brief attempt to understand the personal demons or angels within your thoughts. Even as I am writing this now, I find myself shortening my longest sentences, adding in extra dots that we call punctuation just to make this post more bite size for you, the reader, so you are able to chow down on my expression and swallow it more easily.

But can you understand what I am saying? And will others ever really grasp the true meaning and feelings attached to the words we speak, the letters we type, or the messy sentences we write down onto paper? And who decided it was truly necessary to ever explain ourselves to others in a helpless attempt for acceptance. Acceptance from others lacks everything if we cannot first get to know, like, and accept ourselves.



So with true self acceptance in mind I want to talk about this blog, the content, and the direction. With blogging I found myself writing what I thought others could relate to instead of being wholeheartedly myself. This led to me not wanting to post at all due to lack of connection with the online identity created but also I grew bored. So from this point my content will change to better suit myself and my growth. The posts on this blog will be expression of my real and scattered thoughts and what I believe. If you have an open mind you will hopefully take something from this blog and find a way to really be yourself in a world that tries to smush us together into societal clones.



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