Achieving Healthier Skin from the Inside Out


Something that many of us aren’t taught is that our skin is our bodies largest organ. This is a strange concept to grasp as it seems that our skin just sort of holds us all in place but doesn’t actually do anything. But actually, it does so much:


Skin is an elastic covering. It protects you against exposure to dangerous things in the environment such as bacteria. It also repels water, minimises water loss from the body and protects underlying structures such as blood vessels, nerves and organs.” SpinalHub



We all know the sore, itchy, tight and dry feeling we get on our hands during the cold winter months up to Christmas. Or or how painful it is when we accidentally burn to a red crisp after falling asleep in the sun wearing slightly too low of a sun cream. Or how we must must must buy the newest Olay anti-aging face cream or we will get all the wrinkles of a prune at 30. It kind of goes without saying; our skin is sensitive.

So as the adverts keep convincing us that we need need need all the newest skincare products to save ourselves from premature ageing at 20, I thought I’d mention that as good and as expensive as a product can be, it can’t create a miracle. So instead of searching for a superficial fix it’s better to start from within. Here are my tips for achieving healthy skin from the inside out:


Stay Hydrated

As sick as you are hearing this, it has to be mentioned due to the sheer importance. We need water for our bodies to function properly and staying hydrated is so important for our skin. It not only makes us look healthy on the outside but it really makes us healthy on the inside. So speaking of being healthy this brings me onto the next point:

Eat Clean

What we put into our bodies shows on the outside. So what we eat is so important for our external and especially our internal health. Processed foods that contain ingredients we can’t pronounce, sweets, fast food chains, alcohol, fizzy drinks, animal products, they aren’t going to make us the healthiest we can be. But instead of all the “food” that we shouldn’t eat, what should we eat? Fruits, vegetables, starches, – nutrient rich foods!

Sweat Daily

Exercise to build up a sweat! This doesn’t have to be daily but a few times a week, or maybe a sauna or steam room. Sweating helps to remove toxins from our bodies and also fights skin infections. It also helps to clear our pores and can remove those pesky blackheads that we scrub so hard to get rid of. It also relieves stress, promotes relaxations, and helps improve blood circulation. And exercising releases endorphins which will put you in a better mood for the whole day.

Fresh Air

Getting rid of that stale air from being inside a stuffy room all day and replacing it with fresh air from the outdoors is so refreshing. Fresh air produces a healthy mind and gives us clean lungs. By being outdoors and taking deep breaths, we get rid of those impurities we’ve sucked up from being around other people’s lingering germs all day.

Get Enough Sleep

8 hours of sleep per night is the advised amount but a lot of busy people just settle for around 6. Not getting enough sleep really shows through onto our skin and those heavy bags under the eyes don’t make us look very fresh, awake, or engaged. During the time we are asleep is the time that our bodies are healing and repairing the heart and blood vessels. The hours before midnight are the most important hours to get in the rest, so get an early night.


If we start by healing ourselves internally and working our way back to the best health possible then in time our skin will thank us for it. The most important thing is to be healthy on the inside.




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