Does make-up make us Unapproachable? 



Cleanse, tone, moisturise, prime. Steps we take in a morning after waking up slightly earlier than we were ready for, and this is before we have even started to apply our daily face of make-up.

As females we know the struggles of make-up on a day to day basis. I’m not sure whether we wear it it’s just because it makes us feel better about ourselves, or that we look more put together with an evened out complexion and longer eyelashes, or whether it has just become an expectation from this society.

The reasoning doesn’t really matter however, not wearing make-up shouldn’t make us feel embarrassed about the way our appearance looks to others. We all have a face under the mass of beauty products and as fun as they can be to experiment with, we should embrace our natural beauty every now and then.

But as mentioned above at the other end of the natural beauty spectrum there is make-up; something a lot of us are no stranger to.

If you have read the post I previously wrote about the struggles of living with a ‘Resting Bitch Face’ you will know I don’t have the friendliest face in the world. And after regularly being told I look ‘mardy’ I had accepted how maybe I am unapproachable to people.

Recently on a trip out with my family I decided that wearing the usual whack of my full face was slightly unnecessary. So off I went with a sheer layer of BB cream, a dusting of peach blush, neat brows, and a sweep on mascara.

I know that wearing less make-up can make me look younger and friendlier, but after I was brought into conversation and approached more than once by different women I started to think more about the differences not wearing as much make up can have on the way we look.

We look more Casual and Laid-back.

Like we’ve just rolled out of bed and without a care in the world got ready as quick as possible. It looks like we have bigger things to focus on and worry about than the way we look.

Do we look more intelligent?

As if we have spent hours hidden in the library with our head in books instead of being outside getting too much sunshine or up late at night partying. In last months Vogue the article ‘Geek Chic’ stood out to me as it spoke about girls who would rather look “interesting” instead of “sexy.”

Fresher faced.

A cleaner face makes us appear fresher. It also makes us more relatable and realistic when we don’t have a flawless base and our freckles and blemishes shine through and are visible.

Less make-up makes us look younger but more Mature.

When I was 14 I was told I looked at least 18 from the amount of make-up that I wore. But now when I wear a natural make-up look I feel like although I look younger,  I appear more mature.



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