Tips for growing out damaged hair and improving healthier growth


Experimenting with appearance is common among teenagers and this wasn’t any different for me. I’m not sure if it was due to being unappeased with the way I looked compared to others or the fact I found it fun to try out new things. In all honesty, it was probably both.

Teenage years allow you to do crazy things like wear blue glitter under your bottom lash line, dye pink sections into your hair, or even wear the wrong colour extensions. Yep, I did all of those things. It’s all innocent fun and games.

That was until I discovered hair bleach.

That stuff seems like magic to a young creative. Especially after going along with the black hair dye craze due to peer pressure, then later realising how it washes out pale skin but it doesn’t matter anyway because now it’s all about being blonde like Barbie.

This all led to my at home self-bleaching hair disaster. Luckily it was after prom so my new white and yellow pixy cut didn’t have to be remembered in those pictures.

I had bleached my hair a year or so prior which of course meant I knew everything about hair… But as it turns out I didn’t. It also turns out that bleaching your hair 4 times in one day with 40% strength turns once long and healthy hair into what feels like chewing gum. Not only was my hair brittle and breaking it was past that. It was stretching and snapping, and also sticky.

As you can imagine, I had to have all my hair cut off to above my chin. To make matters worse it wasn’t even the colour I had wanted it to be. It was yellow.

So how did I finally grow my hair out?

It took me two years to completely grow out all of the dead, dried, frazzled parts of the bleached hair and even then my hair was only just below my shoulders. This was because every time my hair grew an inch I had to have an inch cut off.

Hair extensions were my best friend for the first year of having seriously short hair! I also decided to dye it brown after 6 months to improve the health and as it turns out, I didn’t like blonde hair much anyway.


Tips for growing long healthy hair:

  1. Drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet – This is a good tip in general and will make you feel better all around.
  2. Regular trims – You don’t have to spend a bomb at the hairdressers for this, you can do a DIY situation.
  3. Don’t wash hair everyday – Washing hair removes the natural oils from your hair so washing too much can cause hair to feel dry or get greasy easily. I tend to wash my hair around 2 times a week. You should also avoid shampooing after every wash but always always use conditioner.
  4. Massage scalp – Massaging increases blood flow and can benefit the hair follicles and hair.
  5. Do a cold shower rise after washing – This helps prevent moisture loss and heat damage.
  6. Avoid wrapping your hair too tightly in a towel – This causes breakage to the hair, especially the delicate ones around the face.
  7. Don’t use too much heat – Too much heat can damage your hair. Always remember to use heat protection when you are styling your hair. I use Garnier Ultimate Blends sleek perfector oil. It protects hair from up to 230 degrees of heat and makes hair really soft.



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