Key Elements to a Productive Morning


The key to success is productivity and science says that “Willpower is the highest in the morning.” So we should start the day off strong and get the worst task out of the way during the best hour.

It’s easy to get into a bored slump of negativity and start dragging our feet through each task but by starting early it means finish early too. And who doesn’t want an extra hour or two at the end of the day?

Here are my tips that will help towards creating a productive morning:

  • Wake up every day at a set time. – Set an alarm for the same time every day. As a student, I am not in lectures every day. In fact, I only have them 3 times a week and most of which don’t start at 9am. In this instance would be easy to become lazy and see the free days as “days-off.” That is one of the reasons I decided to start this blog. But whether it’s to create more time for a hobby or to put you in the mood to study, it’s important to establish a set morning routine.
  • Hydrate. –Gulp down a pint of water first thing in the morning to get your body working straight away. You can even add in a squeeze of lemon for taste and it has great detoxifying properties. Herbal tea is also a great choice and is especially better than coffee. With or without caffeine, herbal tea is warming and cleansing and I really enjoy having one in the morning.
  • Have a good substantial breakfast. – This will keep you full and satisfied throughout the morning (or in my case, until around 11am) and is also brain fuel. Porridge with almond milk, blueberries, chia seeds and a banana is a great nutritious and filling option. Obviously you can mix and switch up how you decorate you porridge this is just my favourite combination.
  • Write a To-Do list and prioritise tasks. – It is also a good idea to make this as a “Tomorrow List” the night before. That way you will know what you need to get done a head of time and will be less stressed trying to remember everything when you’ve just woken up. Ever heard the phrase “I’ve slept since then?”

By prioritising your tasks you can get the hardest (and worse) ones out of the way first and feel a sense of accomplishment before it’s even lunch time.

  • Half an hour of exercise or yoga. – Half an hour isn’t a lot of time so can be easily fitted into a morning routine. Jut set your alarm half an hour earlier. When you get your body moving and build up a sweat you release endorphins. These will increase your mood for the day and help with productivity. If you’re not feeling particularly energised first thing in the morning try practising some light yoga.
  • Stretching. – This helps with any back pain which you might get from hunching over a computer all day or sleeping in the wrong position. It loosens the muscles and can improve your posture which important if you’re sitting at a desk for long hours.
  • A cold shower. – Nothing wakes you up like a cold shower. I prefer to take a warm shower first to ease myself into it then blast myself with cold water before I get out.
  • Scrub your face. – Sometimes from just cleansing my face I don’t feel clean enough so there is nothing better than a good scrub a few times a week. It removes all the dirt and dead skin cells and leaves a fresh layer of skin for your moisturiser to sink into.
  • Get dressed because no one is productive in pyjamas. – If you’re studying from home it is easy to feel like you may as well just where pyjamas. But by getting dressed you will feel instantly ready to cease the day and the tasks at hand. You don’t have to wear tight jeans just something comfortable that you would leave the house in if you had to.



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