Personal Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

A plant based diet is exactly that; a diet based around plants. Or having plant foods as the basis of the diet. In fact, being plant based isn’t even a diet at all, it is a lifestyle. Do you choose to transition into being plant based you aren’t choosing to try another FAD diet you are choosing to change your lifestyle. If you have read my previous post on this topic “How to cut out sugar cravings” then you will know that a Plant Based Diet is essentially Vegan. Which means no animal products are consumed.

I know that this doesn’t sound appealing so far so to explain how great it really is I am going to list below the top benefits I have noticed for myself since embarking on my “Vegan Journey” (so to speak.)


This might not sound like the best one to start with but it’s important to mention nonetheless. When your diet consists of mainly plant foods then there is much more fibre going into your body. This, along with the fact these foods are very easily digestible, means food can move through the body easier which leads to quicker digestion. Animal products on the other hand are very hard for the human body to digest and can lead to constipation.

Clearer Mind and Clearer Vision

When you are consuming a healthy diet you don’t have to constantly be worrying about what you are eating. This creates a clearer mind. Also, by eating the right food (and the right amounts of food) you are getting the right nutrition that the body needs. This in turn helps with having a healthy brain. Drinking enough water links into this too, as well as getting enough sleep.

Energy Levels

Increased energy levels come from eating enough of the right foods and getting plenty of carbohydrates. It’s hard not to be repetitive here but it goes without saying: enough food means enough energy because the food gives us the energy.

Motivation and Inspiration to Learn

I think these two things go hand in hand. Nowadays it is so easy to get distracted from working and find yourself scrolling through the same pictures on social media. When your energy is heightened then you feel more motivated and your brain works better. Along with this new found motivation comes and inspiration to learn. Along with inspiration to learn comes new found knowledge, and there is a lot to learn about the plant based diet.

Being more in Sync with your Body

Becoming in sync with your body comes from learning about how food makes you feel. Generally when a headache arises it is instinct to take a painkiller, but what you should be doing is figuring out why you have a headache. Are you dehydrated? Have you had enough sleep? By taking medicine/medication for a pain it messes up the body’s natural way of fixing itself.

This also works with indigestion, acne, feeling slugging, digestion etc. What foods have caused this?

No Sugar Cravings

I have spoken about sugar cravings in a previous post but what I really wanted to mention is how the old food you used to eat will make you feel like crap. This links with being in sync with the body as you will be able to figure out what made you feel that way. When eating clean the organs detox and purify themselves so eating as much chocolate, oil, or sugar as you used to will make you feel much worse. Or maybe we are just much more aware of these feelings that too much sugar causes.

Healthy Weight/Weight Loss

Weight loss is not an instant process when eating this way because the quantity of food is much larger. Especially if when coming to this lifestyle your past history included calorie restrictions. What does happen is the body finds its way to a healthy weight. This is why many people come to this lifestyle after having had an eating disorder or a bad relationship with food.

Experiment with food

As a student it can be hard to know what to cook but when you are more aware of what the body needs it becomes much easier. Experimenting with food can be fun and when it’s nutritious it just makes you feel great. Pinterest is a great way to find Vegan recipes and so are Youtube “What I eat in a day” videos.


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