NEW IN: Cruelty Free Products No. 2 and Reasons to Transition

Transitioning into a cruelty free lifestyle can be a long process. Especially when you’re someone who has plenty of previously bought make-up, beauty, and skin care products by brands that do test. Throwing everything away and starting from scratch can be wasteful and expensive so there is nothing wrong with using up these products first.

When buying cruelty free it can be difficult as some sources of information about cruelty free brands are unreliable. A brand that is definitely cruelty free and Vegan is Lush. I spoke about them in my first post about cruelty free products.

Recently I have been buying Original Source for my shower gel and hand wash as it is the only certified Vegan brand I have found in the supermarket. On the back of these products it says “Tested on us.” For further information I checked their website The brand says:

“We are against animal testing and like others, we do not test on animals and nor do we have any testing conducted by 3rd parties on our brand.”

“We know you care about animals, the environment and your health. Here at Original Source we are proud to carry the Vegan Trademark on our bottle…each Original Source product contains no animal ingredients.”

Reasons to Transition to Cruelty Free:

  • Protect the animals – This is obviously the main reason to make the change and often, the only reason. If you can avoid causing unnecessary harm to other beings then why wouldn’t you? With so many product and brand options on the market today it can be hard to really know what your money is going towards funding. By looking for the leaping bunny symbol on products you will know for sure if the brand is animal testing.
  • Saves Money – When you are specifically searching for cruelty free products you will notice how there are much fewer options. By having less options it means less regular impulse buys. You will probably have to start experimenting with new brands as well as having to do some research into which brands are suitable to purchase. So in the meantime use up all the beauty products that you have laying around and try to waste as little as possible.
  • Harmless products set the tone for the day – So you can feel guilt free from what you are putting onto your skin and feel good about not funding into the cruelty of animals.
  • Less chemicals – Although not all cruelty free brands are Vegan, Vegan brands tend to be cruelty free. So why not focus on both? As well are not containing animal products they tend to contain less harmful chemicals which leads to better, healthier skin. (Although this shouldn’t be confused with all natural products.)




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