Exploring Reflections within Photography


Photography was something that I never expected to enjoy. I somehow fell into it at 16 when I picked it on a whim for an A-level. So during September of 2012 as I stepped through the doors into this new journey I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was in for. Well, not a great deal actually. It was a lot of experimentation that I didn’t appreciate at the time.

We use photography in everyday life without even realising it. Just by getting our phones out to take a quick snap for Instagram gets us thinking about lighting, composition, and how to edit it to look appealing (and suck in the likes)! I even find myself thinking about photography when browsing other people feeds and noticing the effort they put into the image.

I want to get back into photography and on a higher level than just for social media. So with this on my mind I thought I would share with you some photographs I took whilst studying. For this particular shoot I was inspired by the work of Lee Friedlander and the use of reflections and shadows.


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