Reasons why writing a Journal will Benefit you


I have often sat for a while and thought about how I haven’t really achieved much so far in my life. I’m almost 20 now (oh wow that sounds old) and I see and hear a lot about people my age doing some really amazing things, but what about me? Comparison can be a huge downward spiral and really is “the thief of joy.”

So earlier this year after watching too many ‘inspirational’ YouTube videos, and researching so much into ‘self-help’ and ‘motivational’ books, I decided to look inside myself for a pure sense of inner happiness.

And though I am yet to master this completely, I found a great way to start; by writing a journal.

It releases negative energy…

It’s a place to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions in an easier way than it would be to tell somebody else. Sometimes when you just want someone to listen they like to give their opinion too, which can be unnecessary. By writing it down it stops things from building up inside and is a nice sense of release. You don’t ever have to look over it again; you can let it go and breath.

I have found that it can rationalise my thoughts if I am ever over reacting about a situation. By giving you chance to think it over, it makes you aware of how a situations could have gone. Giving you something to be aware of for next time.

It enlightens positivity…

Listing positive things that happened during that day, week, or month can help to shine a light onto your life. For me personally, doing this helps me to see things I have achieved and what I should be grateful for. Being grateful/gratitude is a very important part of happiness. In day to day life when things get stressful it is easy to forget the good things. So write them down and look over them on bad days!

I like to use my journal as a place to set goals for myself, long or short term. It helps create something new to be excited about when I’m feeling down. Making a plan for these goals makes them feel more achievable and I feel more positive. It is also something to look back over for motivation or inspiration.

Its a few minutes away from your phone and technology. Which, believe it or not can be quite relaxing.

Keeping a note of what is happening during this point in your life will be fun to look over in a few years to see how far you have come. It will show where you were at another point in your life and show you what you have achieved. I stick old receipts, tickets, and pictures into my journal and use it like a personal scrap book.

And finally, by taking this time for yourself, you might learn something new about you.



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